Shane Bowden

Lives and works in San Diego, California.

Ever a mercurial figure, Bowden eludes public apprehension and definitions by constantly shifting styles and adhering to his own intuitive program of freedom and novelty of execution and themes. He has been described as Andy Warhol on steroids and the new Damien Hirst.
Synoptic flashing juxtapositions of silk screened imagery nostalgically recall the visual stratagems of the sixties; the collage techniques and unexpected material contrasts here and there, deliberately untidy contours and lavish paint smears meters long in these new combinations remind us that his works continue to bridge the gap between action painting and Pop Art as well as the seminal gap between art and life which he has so compellingly carved out for himself.

From well-known collectors like former British Prime Minister Tony Blair to the corporate board rooms of Vogue Magazine, Shane Bowden is shown all around the world in both National and State art collections and private collections alike.


Available artworks from this artist