Korokke debuted in 1980 on NTV’s “A Comedy Star is Born” and is known as Japan’s King of impersonators. He has a repertoire of over 300 songs, ranging from celebrity impersonations to his famous robotic hip hop moves and is constantly reinventing himself as a stage artist by exploring new grounds.

He was awarded the Newcomer Award, the Golden Arrow Award as well as multiple entertainment awards. In 2012, he received special thanks from the State of Defense Minister and in 2014 was honored with the Cultural Affairs Prize.

Not limiting himself to Japanese television and stage presence, Korokke has also expanded his reach into the international market, bringing his shows to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, the Gold Coast, and Beijing where his performances were met with wide acclaim.

With his profound love and constant pursuit of excellence in the art of Japanese calligraphy that he had initially started as a hobby, he has elevated his mastery of the brushstroke into art. However, rare are his artworks, as his busy schedule and constant tours as one of Japan’s busiest entertainers only allows him to create sporadically.


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