Tetsuei Nakamura

Characterized by stylized forms, generous and vibrant colours, his work falls within the Japanese ornamental tradition.

Born in Tokyo in 1960, Tetsuei Nakamura goes to Paris in 1980 where he takes courses at the Académie de la Grande Chaumière and meets Toshimitsu Imai, one of the masters of Japanese abstract art, who becomes his friend. He has been living and working in both Tokyo and Paris since 1983.

Influenced by the use of pigments of 17th century Japanese painters Ogata Korin and Tawaraya Sotatsu, Tetsuei embraces a traditional painting esthetic infused with his personal perspective.

While continuing to create his own canvases, he also realizes mural paintings for many private and public institutions as well as temples, including Hieizan Enryakuji which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.


Available artworks from this artist.

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