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Founded by a French-Japanese couple, Tokyo Gallery by Musée Collection has been drawing increased attention with a series of successful shows, becoming the best-selling gallery at one of Singapore's art fairs VIP night in 2017. Thus far, works displayed have shown great diversity and variety, ranging from contemporary silkscreen Pop Art to traditional Japanese calligraphy on handmade paper.

In a quest to promote young artists, Tokyo Gallery has been adding numerous works by rising artists to its line-up, amongst which pieces by Ichi (Shinichi Tashiro), named the top-selling artist at international art fairs in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore. 

Recently, the gallery has acquired exclusivity contracts with famous Japanese personalities such as Moe Oshikiri and Korokke to showcase their artworks in Singapore.

In addition, the gallery launched a collection featuring the finest reconstructions of the most iconic works in Art History from museums around the world such as the Louvre or the Orsay Museum, which have granted special authorization for these works to be reproduced in limited numbers by a team of skilled artisans based in Italy. Their quality is such that even the Vatican museum has authorized the replication of their masterpieces. In order to support the Arts, a portion of the purchase price from these works will be redistributed to museums.

Tokyo Gallery is a member of the Art Galleries Association Singapore.


TOKYO GALLERY by Musée Collection
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Dear Gallery Friends, 

We would like to inform you that Tokyo Gallery is no longer located at Capitol Piazza and currently looking for a new home in Singapore's central area. Please kindly note that we are still available for inquiries online and via phone. Also, we are happy to arrange appointments at your request. In the meantime, we will be delighted to see you during Art Fairs in Singapore and abroad, as well as various events around the city. Follow our updates on Tokyo Gallery's social media on Facebook and Instagram.

We will stay in touch and see you soon.


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